Mean Stack Development

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Mean Stack Development

Course Overview

Learn full-stack JavaScript development with one of the most popular open-source stacks: MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js (MEAN). Discover how to build lightning-fast applications on the JavaScript runtime environment. In this comprehensive learning path, you can learn how to build data-driven applications, as well as test, secure, and deploy your code.

Course Outline

    Module 1: The AngularJS
  • Expressions and Data-Binding
  • Built-in Directives
  • Built-in Filters
  • Controllers, $scope and controllerAs
  • Modules
  • Single Page Apps, Routes, Templates
  • Built-in Services, Application Architecture
  • Custom Services, Service vs Factory
  • Custom Filters
  • Building the SPA
  • Module 2: NodeJS
  • Connecting Node & Angular – Theory
  • What is a RESTful API?
  • Adding the Node Backend
  • Node.js - require and module.exports
  • Asynchronous non-blocking code
  • NodeJS and NPM
  • Module 3: Express
  • Setting up Express to listen for requests
  • Routing: defining URL routes and sending response
  • serving static files
  • Middleware
  • Using the Express router
  • Using controllers to define functionality
  • Defining dynamic routes with URL parameters
  • Working with querystrings and posted form data
  • Module 4: MongoDB
  • Introduction to NoSQL databases
  • Basics & Getting started with the Mongo shell
  • Interacting with data from the command line (Mongo shell)
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Connecting to a Node.js application
  • Querying the database from Node.js
  • Creating documents from Node.js
  • CRUD Operations in MongoDB
  • Module 5: Adding Authentication to MEAN Stack

Class Schedule

  • 2 hrs class
    Duration 3 Month, 3 Days a Week

Registration Fee

  • Rs. 25000 Only