Graphic Design

Course Detail

Graphic Designing

A graphics designer or develop collects requirements, plans, conceptualizes, edits, designs, and finally publishes the final product for presentation to client. While specific duties vary depending on the type of establishment, it is the designer's responsibility to create and design innovative products/ services in order to sell the product.

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to computer graphics designing and the ability to understand the contemporary terminologies, process, issues and trends. The course prepares the trainee to be able to design and publish work for industries such as advertisement, publishing houses, education sector, etc.

Competencies gained after completion of the course:

After completing this course the trainee would be able to conceptualize and design graphics and provide solution to challenging problem. The course will also provide skills to the trainee to be able to gather requirement from the client/organization, apply the techniques learned to develop innovative solution as an end product. The trainee would be able to design and implement the following Print Media, Multimedia and Electronic Media:

  • Company Stationary
  • Advertisements ( Indoor & Outdoor Advertising)
  • Packaging
  • Vehicle Banding & Shop Branding
  • Web and Electronic Banners,
  • Web page Designing & Slicing

Opportunities for employment and advancement:

After completing the course, graphics designer will be able to work in Publishing Industry and Advertising Agencies as follows. The industry is not limited to publishing and advertising but any industry/organization requiring graphic material to be designed can provide job opportunity to the trainee.

  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photo Editor / Photoshop Artist
  • Press Publisher


  • No pre-knowledge is required - interest is all you need!.
  • A Laptopor or a Mac is required.
  • No software is required in advance of the course (all software used in the course is free).


Month 1
  • Design History, Elements & Principal Design
  • Understanding the concept of perspective
  • Understanding colour theory, and its relevance in design
  • Point of Focus, Typography
  • Identify Unique Selling Point (USP) of the product/service
  • Assignment based by using different materials)
Month 2
  • Learn use of Photoshop
  • Photo Editing and Scanning
  • Create layout of design
  • For urdu typing and use of urdu in graphic layouts
Month 3
  • Stationary Design:
    Logo Design & Company registration Visiting Card Letter Head Envelop Corporate Folder Corporate Profile Writing Pads Calendars
Month 4
  • Indoor Advertising:
    Flyer Brochure, Poster, News Paper Ads, Magazine Design, Packaging & Give Away Items
Month 5
  • Outdoor Advertising:
    Banner Backdrops, Streamer, Bleed the layout for cropping, Apply cropping and registration marks, Photo Editing and Scanning, Create layout of design, Determine suitable size of the document, Determine the number of pages and colour jobs for X-stands, , Roll up Stands, Front Lite & Back Lite Boards, Hoardings, Bill Boards, Neon Signs, Vehicle Branding, Shop Branding
Month 6
Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw

  • Create layout of Graphics Design
  • Communicate with others
  • Duties and rights at theworkplace
  • Delivery of Successful Project