Web Development Back End

Course Detail

Course Outline

  • Learn the basic syntax of PHP.
  • Learn to create dynamic interactive pages with PHP.
  • Learn to manipulate files with PHP.
  • Learn to write functions in PHP.
  • Learn to write conditional statement in PHP.
  • Learn to work with arrays in PHP.
  • Learn to validate forms with PHP.
  • Learn to write loop in PHP.
  • Learn to manipulate and manage database data with PHP.
  • Learn to authenticate users with PHP.
  • Learn how to use global variable in PHP.
  • Learn to manage sessions with PHP.
  • Learn advanced form validation with regular expressions.
  • Understand how MySQL works.
  • Learn to use SQL to output with MySQL.
  • Learn to modify MySQL data with SQL.


Class Schedule

  • 2 hrs class
    Thrice a week for 2 Months

Registration Fee

  • Rs. 5000 Only