Course Detail

Introduction to Primavera & Navigating in Primavera

  • Describe Primavera Project planner
  • Explain the difference between enterprise and project-specific data
  • Log in, Open an existing project
  • Navigate in the Home window and Activities window
  • Open an existing layout, Customize a layout
  • Save a layout, Identify types of layouts
  • Zooming and panning around a drawing
  • Orthographic projection
  • Section views

 Menus and Terminology & Building projects

  • Identify the location of P6 commands in Primavera
  • Identify the similarities and differences between Primavera & MS Project
  • View and describe the Enterprise Project Structure
  • Define the Work Breakdown Structure, Create a project
  • Navigate in the Projects window
  • View and modify information in Project Details

Activities & Dates in Primavera

  • Define and review activity information in Activity Details
  • Describe activity types  
  • Review constraint dates, Review actual dates

 Formatting Schedule Data

  • Group activities according to a specific criterion
  • Sort activities
  • Apply a filter, Create a filter
  • Modify bars in the Gantt Chart

Roles and Resources

  • Describe roles
  • Views the roles dictionary
  • Describe resources
  • Identify the differences between labor
  • Non labor and material resources
  • View the resource dictionary

Assigning Roles, Resources & Costs

  • Assign roles to an activity
  • Assign rates on roles
  • Assign resources by role
  • Assign labor, no labor, and material resources to activities
  • Adjust Budgeted Units/Time for a resource
  • Assign expenses to activities

Analyzing Resources & Duration

  • Display the Resource Usage Profile
  • Format a profile
  • Format the timescale
  • Determine which Duration Type works best in a given situation
  • Assign a Duration Type to an activity

Calculating Percent Complete

  • Describe the three Percent Complete types
  • Determine which Percent Complete type to use based on how your organization
  • Reports progress
  • Explain how activity percentages are calculated based on the Percent Complete type Chosen
  • Use weighted steps to calculate Percent Complete

Base lining the Project Plan

  • Create a baseline plan
  • Display baseline bars on the Gantt Chart
  • PERT & CPM Analysis
  • Resource Leveling

Updating a Project & Printing Layouts

  • Describe several methods for updating the project schedule
  • Use Progress Spotlight, Status activities
  • Reschedule the project Customize the appearance of headers and footers
  • Publish activity layouts as HTML pages
  • Reporting Performance, Describe reporting methods
  • Run a schedule report, Create a resource report with the Report wizard

Auto Compute Actual Tips and Tricks

  • Describe the business rules for auto compute actual
  • Auto compute an activity, Analyze the effect of auto compute actual on an activity
  • Auto compute a resource, Auto compute an expense Use Undo to reverse actions in a project
  • Use fill down to copy data in cells, Establish user-defined fields
  • Define global change parameters, Run a global change

Project & Final Assessment

 Course Outcomes:


At the end of the training, trainee Will be able to


  • Create a project with activities and resources
  • Calculate schedule & budgeting
  • Enter status using data to update a schedule
  • Store period performance
  • Customize the project layout
  • Develop a project network diagram with relationships
  • Create target schedule
  • Publish project data on web


Course objective

  • Practical application of Project Management using Primavera
  • Make trainee able to organize Projects
  • Control access to projects
  • Organize and control resources
  • Effective planning, monitoring and controlling of the project.

Class Schedule

  • 2 hrs class
    Twice a week for 2 Months


  • Rs. 10000 Only