Course Detail


Course Outline

    • Understand npm
    • Setup your first react project
    • Understand the React and ReactDOM libraries
    • Mastering class and components
    • Mastering component composing
    • Understand what super does in Class components
    • Passing information between components
    • Understanding React DefaultProps and ProbTypes
    • Maintaining component states
    • Mastering functional components
    • Learn React Hooks for functional components
    • Use cutting-edge ES6/ES7 JavaScript
    • Shifting to TypeScripe - the future of JavaScript
    • Rapid wireframing using React-Bootstrap
    • Graphing and charting using PlotlyJS
    • Using Github to version control your code
    • Using SourceTree to mantain branches of your code
    • Deploy your React apps live to the web (on github-pages)
    • Learn the latest React libraries and tools
    • Master React, React-Router, and more

Class Schedule

  • 2 hrs class
    3 Days a week

Registration Fee

  • Rs. 25000 Only