Android with Kotlin

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ANDROID with Kotlin

Course Overview

The Kotlin programming language is a modern language that gives you more power for your everyday tasks. Kotlin is concise, safe, pragmatic, and focused on interoperability with Java code. It can be used almost everywhere Java is used today: for server-side development, Android apps, and much more. Kotlin is 100% compatible with all existing Java frameworks, and has good tooling support. It’s a pragmatic language with a very.

Course Outline

    • Introduction to Android
    • Install Android Studio
    • Advantages of Android
    • Android and the Open Source Platform
    • Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
    • System Requirements for SDK Installation
    • Downloading Android SDK
    • Creating an Android Application
    • Creating a HelloWorld Android Project
    • Creating Android Virtual Device (AVD)
    • Setting up the Emulator
    • Running and Debugging HelloWorld Project
    • People Counter App
    • Testing the App
    • Outro – Setup
    • Introduction of Kotlin Fundamentals
    • Variables and difference between val and var
    • Datatypes of Numbers
    • Datatypes bool, char and string
    • Arithmetic Operators and why the type is important
    • Comparison Operators
    • Assignment, Increment and decrement operators
    • Conditional Statements
    • When Expressions
    • Loop Statements
    • Functions, Parameters, Arguments and Return
    • Nullables
    • Elvis Operator and Not Null Assertion
    • Introduction to OOP
    • Classes and Objects
    • Classes and Initializers
    • Scope and Shadowing
    • Member Variables – Functions and Constructors
    • Lateinit Plus Setters and Getters
    • Data Classes
    • Inheritance
    • Interfaces
    • Abstract Classes
    • Typecasting
    • ArrayLists
    • Lambda Expressions
    • Visibility Modifiers
    • Nested and Inner Classes
    • Safe Cast and Unsafe Cast Operator
    • Exception Handling
        • Introduction of Firebase
        • AGE in MINUTES APP
        • CALCULATOR APP – Learning XML and how to Create UI
        • QUIZ APP
        • DRAWING APP – How to use Canvas, import images and export them
        • 7 MINUTE WORKOUT APP – UI, Timers, Multiple Activities
        • HAPPY PLACES APP – Location, GPS, Google Maps API
        • WEATHER APP – Downloading website, JSON, GSON, Using APIs
        • TRELLO CLONE – Firebase, User Management, Drag and Drop, Online Database
        • Introduction of Firebase
        • Usage of Firebase
        • Firebase Account Registration & Signing
        • Build a Project on Firebase Console
        • Firebase Environment Setup
        • Firebase Dashboard
        • Firebase Email / Password Authentication
        • Firebase Forget Password
        • Firebase Phone Authentication
        • Firebase Google Authentication
        • Firebase Facebook Authentication
        • Firebase Anonymous Authentication
        • Firebase Email Verification Authentication
        • Introduction about Firebase Real Time Database
        • Add, Delete, View, Update, Search Data from Real Time Database
        • Introduction about Firebase Cloud Firestore Database
        • Add, Delete, View, Update, Search Data from Cloud Firestore Database
        • Query Data from Database
        • Firebase Storage Introduction
        • Upload and Download Media from Firebase Storage
        • View and Delete Media from Firebase Storage
        • Video Streaming Firebase
        • Introduction about Machine Learning Kit Android Firebase
        • Text Recognition

Class Schedule

  • 2 hrs class
    Duration 3 Months , 3 Days a Week

Registration Fee

  • Rs. 30000 Only