Android Development Course

Course Detail


Technical Trainers at (HOP) House of Professionals are best ever in Lahore; we have experienced and dedicated professionals who have vast teaching experience in web development as well as in e commerce solutions. House of Professionals provide career path of our students. Whether you are willing to become expert in web development and designing, thank join House of Professionals top ranked IT Trainings institute in Lahore, HOP will skilled you with more than 2 final projects during web development course.

By the end of this course you will be able to develop the website on medium and large scale, you have known that how the combination of HTML, CSS, JS, MYSQL and Server side language works to develop a complete dynamic website. After that you will be able to deploy web code on live server.


  • How to know about Java language & interest is all you need!.
  • A Laptopor or a Mac is required, provided by House of Professionals
  • No software is required in advance of the course (all software used in the course is free).


Frond End /User interface and User Experience UI/UX
  • *Responsive screens for all type of devices including Mobile ,and tablets of different screen sizes and resolutions including following main layouts
  • *Linear layouts with both orientations and weight sum properties
  • *Relative layout with all of its properties
  • *Plugin installations
  • *Different densities and resolution images and icons in mipmaps and drawable folders according to devices .
JAVA Programming
  • * All hierarchy of Android architecture.
  • *Activity and its complete life cycle to manage apps different phases .
  • * Fragments types, transactions ,life cycle of fragments.
  • * Data transferring from one fragment to other and from one activity to other .
  • *Default Navigation drawer and also its customization .
  • *Java Programming concepts.
  • *Object Oriented Programming OOPs.
  • *Horizontal and vertical scroll views with java functionality.
  • *Recycler view, CardView, Recycler Adapter
Local storage Sqlite
  • *Complete local storage using sqlite database , advance debugging of sqlite using external libraries to show in browser including
  • * Insert, Read, Delete, Update, Search, Shared preferences to save data
Online Database
  • * Online data base using volley
  • * Webservices/APIs/JSON parsing
Google Services Integration
  • * Services, Google Maps, Google AdMobs, Google Place pickers and location APIs, GPS tracking system, Geo Coding and reverse Geo codding, Geo fencing
  • * Social media login including facebook and gmail
  • * Payment method using payPal
  • * Firebase integration
  • * Github usage
  • * Broadcast receivers
  • * Multilingual Apps development
  • * Local And Live push notifications